How PlaceMakers increased average order value by 28.5% using RFM and Salesforce

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Personalization

Project Timeline

May '22

Increased in ROI revenue

Project Overview

New Zealand’s leading supplier of building materials and hardware has undergone a significant digital transformation in recent years. Transforming a traditionally “paper-based” business for their 2,500 staff and more than 20,000 customers has resulted in a market leading experience, which SLEEQ is proud to have been a part of.

PlaceMakers has partnered with SLEEQ to help them deliver best-in-class customer experiences across their digital platforms and, utilizing the power of Salesforce Interaction Studio, have designed and enabled use cases to grow platform capabilities.

PlaceMakers needed a solution to segment their B2B marketing customer base using an RFM based model to target customers with a promotion based on their spend recency and frequency.

Key goals for this project include:

  • Targeting customers with the appropriate campaign offer for them
  • Increasing uptake of campaign offer
  • Moving customers into higher performing segments

Project Execution

Key implementation phases of the project include:

  • Creating an automated RFM scoring model in Snowflake
  • Integrating Snowflake data through IS ETL data feeds
  • Producing user segments based on rules utilized in an existing Dashboard report made by data and analytics teams
  • Utilizing Triggered Campaigns to send segmented users into Data Extensions in Marketing Cloud for sends


  • make it relevant - Provide the correct promotional offer for the customer based on their transactional behaviour with PlaceMakers


Tailored promotions to the resulting RFM Segments contributed to an Average Order Value uplift of 28.5% for the month of June. In addition, a number of customers shifted to higher performing segments as a result of the targeted promotions.