How PlaceMakers increased registered customer marketing opt in by 10% in one month with Salesforce

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Personalization

Project Timeline

March '22

Increased in ROI revenue

Project Overview

New Zealand’s leading supplier of building materials and hardware has undergone a significant digital transformation in recent years. Transforming a traditionally “paper-based” business for their 2,500 staff and more than 20,000 customers has resulted in a market-leading experience, which SLEEQ is proud to have been a part of.

PlaceMakers has partnered with SLEEQ to help them deliver best-in-class customer experiences across their digital platforms and, utilising the power of Marketing Cloud Personalization, have designed and enabled use cases to grow platform capabilities.

PlaceMakers needed a solution to easily capture marketing opt in from customers visiting their B2C Website. Whilst the solution needed to cover a broad range of customers, their experience needed to be consistent. Through Marketing Cloud Personalization’s real time identity management & personalization capabilities, PlaceMakers were able to present a lightning fast experience with consistent messaging.

Marketing Cloud Personalization was configured with campaign experiences to ensure marketing opt in content is presented at the right moment in the customer journey.

Project Execution

Key implementation phases of the project include:


SLEEQ worked with PlaceMakers to identify key touchpoints and moments in the customer journey during their website experience that would be most appropriate to serve marketing opt in:

  • Upon registration
  • During checkout
  • Any time in the footer of the website


  • Make it relevant - Customers that were already opted in were identified and excluded from opt in experiences
  • Make it effortless - Pre-population of customer details to reduce effort required to opt In
  • Make it subtle - Give customers the option to revisit the experience at another time

We delivered this as a part of an Agile release train (SAFe) and blended Marketing Cloud Personalization development into an agile way of working.


Having a mechanism to generate leads through marketing opt in creates well understood benefit but what shines through is the rate at which Marketing Cloud Personalization delivers lead or contact information through to Marketing Cloud & CRM via Journey Builder. In less than 30 seconds, opt in is captured and passed through Marketing Cloud to Service Cloud customer data. From here it can be utilized back in Marketing Cloud for a multitude of marketing purposes.


  • Consented marketing opt in for B2C
  • Identifiable customers across portal
  • Ability to activate B2C customers through IS segments via Marketing Cloud Journeys